Guy Mathews

photo Armelle Habib/fairfax media

photo Armelle Habib/fairfax media

Guy Mathews is widely acknowledged as the most knowledgeable and influential figure in the Australian vintage industrial furniture scene. 

He is a curator, a maker, designer and artist, and travels throughout the world assembling and restoring collections of pieces he deems “useful, solid and beautiful”.  Transcending fads and fashions, Guy’s aesthetic is one of timelessness, bold sophistication and cool.

Since opening Australia’s first specialist vintage industrial store in Sydney’s Taylor Square in 1985, Guy has been a pioneer in the field, with further stores opening in Melbourne’s Chapel Street, then in Collingwood. 

Guy’s skills extend beyond commerce to creation, and his custom-made tables are now in high-demand for their strength and industrial appeal.

Guy’s passion for history, travel, literature and industrial pieces converge in his artworks.  He reassigns discarded advertising signs and typographical artworks to create unique large-scale works of bricolage, and recently held a highly successful solo exhibition of works inspired by the poems of WH Auden’s ‘Doomsday Song’ series.