Widely considered the pioneer of Vintage industrial furniture in Australia, having had more than thirty years of experience in the fields of its curation, design and art-making, Guy Mathews is a visual poet of sorts. He restores and trades vintage industrial furniture from places like France, the US and Australia.

Fascinated by vintage industrial furniture, Guy Mathews had an immense influence of revealing the artistic side of the craft. It all started in 1985, Since then, he’s built quite a reputation as the point of reference for anything regarding bricolage, commercial interiors, but also architecture and design in general. During his trips in search of new objects, materials and inspiration Guy  often finds himself in places neglected by others, ruined industrial landscapes that provide him with everything he needs. 

Guy Mathews

Guy Mathews’ impressive career in industrial furniture design started back in 1985 when he started Australia’s first showroom dedicated to the craft in Sydney’s Taylor Square.  Ever since, this artist, curator and designer has been reaffirming his position as one of the pioneers of industrial design,along with creating unique and original artworks from different materials he collects during his worldwide travels.

 His artistry covers an impressive number of mediums, which includes large scale bricolage artworks, site-specific installations, furniture elements, sculpture, and much more. His attention to individual pieces, as well as the relations among different kinds of them, resulted in the establishment of his own shop and turned him into one of his country’s most sought after consultants regarding interior design, architecture and space planning. With his latest venture Guy  creates Custom made furniture that embodies the utilitarian -industrial aesthetics of building pieces based solely on a function and in doing so they become Useful, solid ,and beautiful.